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ATM three-phase electric motors . Synopsis A range of asynchronous motors with network power supply was developed and utilized in conformity with the increasing demands on energy efficiency of electric drives. The characteristic of this range is that it is achieved maximum unification of the used elements in the performance of products in IE1 simple performance (Standard efficiency) and IE2 energy class (High efficiency). The structures that are already available for different types of products of the basic range are a prerequisite for realization of IE3 energy class as well as for creating ATM versions for the so called “wet” performances. Their motor is immersed in the oil tank of the hydraulic unit. Motors designated ATM are implemented with standard and special forms of performance according to their purpose, as in the different combinations B3 / B5, B3 / B14 and others the connecting dimensions of the basic forms of performance do not change. The embodiment 306 has a typical interface for installation in a hydraulic unit. The body and the bearing shields in all products are casted from aluminum alloy. All embodiments are ventilated, with exception of those working immersed in an oil tank. All products of ATM type line are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BDS EN 60034 "Rotating electrical machines" (IEC 60034 "Rotating electrical machines"). The thermal class of insulation is "F" (155⁰C) as the degree of protection is IP54. The basic technical data are listed in a table form in number of poles 2p = 4 and 2p = 2. The dimensions of the working shaft end for standard and special performances are shown in the drawings and tables with overall and connecting dimensions. Different versions related to the interface of a particular product can be executed upon customer request. The height of the axis of rotation is in the range of 71 to 100 mm. All motors are available with aluminum bodies and shields. There are possible options with front iron shield in case of agreed orders over 100 pieces. The stator winding is made of insulated copper wire with thermal class "F", and the rotor cage is an aluminum cast with high metal purity - 99.7% or Special motor performances are possible as well such as: - Tropical execution - With the presence of thermal protection - With protection class IP55 or IP56 - For another supply voltage and frequency - Operating modes other than S1 - With technical parameters other than those of the base performances - With a second outlet shaft end - Items for the so called "wet" performances (motors operating submerged in hydraulic oil). This group of special products is realized only on customer's request. 2. Basic technical data for items 2.1. Performance – IE1 according to BDS EN 60034,2014 3. Special ATM for "wet" performances These are motors with maximum open structure that is submerged in the oil tank of the hydraulic unit and it drives a hydraulic pump. Practically the current-carrying parts of the AC motor are cooled by the hydraulic oil. The construction has been maximum simplified, while at the same time it creates conditions for the compactness of the entire hydraulic unit, a reduced level of noise and vibration. Powers from 1.1 to 4 kW, double pole (3000 rpm) and a four-pole (1500 rpm) performance have been included in the type order of this group specific items. The operating modes can be: S1 continuous, S2 = 60 min. hour, S3 = ... ..%, I S4 = ......%, ... ..number of inclusions per hour and depend on the specific application of the power unit.