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"Synchronous electric motors with autonomous (battery) power supply" The development of synchronous electric motors with permanent rare earth/gravity magnets for electric drives with autonomous (battery) power supply is a continuation of the accepted company trend to achieve higher energy efficiency. In this regard main types of this variety in the power range from 0.75 to 22 kW and supply DC voltages of 80 and 144 Vdc were developed. On this basis, conditions are created for rapid expansion of the initial range with the creation of the so called "Enclosing versions" around each approved type, using our calculation methodology. The results of this methodology are confirmed by the extended testing on the specialized stand, developed for this purpose. The approach for developing the range of asynchronous electric motors with autonomous (battery) power supply is applied also in the implementation of the new range of products. There are basically two constructive solutions. In the first solution with a lower degree of protection (IP21-IP23) special axial-radial ventilation is applied. It is patent protected. The cooling air passes through the areas of the heated conductive parts of the motor, which is of particular importance for cooling under extreme loads. The second constructive solution is analogous to the classic design of asynchronous motors, such as external constructive element base, ventilation, degree of protection, etc. There is a maximum degree of unification between the two types of products mastered in Caproni JSC - asynchronous and synchronous electric motors with autonomous (battery) power supply which makes them difficult to distinguish in appearance.