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Activity of the company

Caproni JSC is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems with application in mobile and stationary industrial equipment. Our products are used in: gearboxes of passenger cars, vehicles such as buses and trolleybuses, auxiliary machines, tractors, harvesting machines and various agricultural machines and attachments, electric trucks and forklifts, lifts, road construction machines, metalworking machines and many others. Our company offers a wide range of hydraulic products – standard products, as well as by order of the client. The company is certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016. We are successfully participating in the World Fluid Power market as a supplier. We have built partnerships with more than 150 companies (manufacturers and distributors of hydraulic equipment), we have a distribution network in more than 30 countries around the world. This is a guarantee for fast delivery and reliable maintenance. Caproni JSC has a fruitful partnership with well-known companies - provides its own products to the following original equipment manufacturers: Bosch-Rexroth and Interpump Group – Italy, Hydac International – Germany and USA, Haldex Hydraulics (now Concentric AB)- Sweden, Millat Tractor Pakistan, and in the automotive industry, as a subcontractor of Fiat, Renault, Peugeot and Volkswagen through Fiat Group – Italy.


6 December 1926

An airplane school was opened in the town of Kazanlak.

1927 year

Contract with the Czech company Aero Prague for the construction of an aircraft factory.

1928 year - 1930 year

“Aero Prague” Bodies for Chevrolet cars.

1930 year - 1942 year

Bulgarian Caproni Aircraft Factory. During this period the factory became the property of the Italian company “Caproni” and specialized in the production of aircrafts.

1933 year - 1936 year

Technical Director is the first Bulgarian aircraft engineer Prof. Lazarov. The planes are made according to his designs: DAR, LAZ and KB-3 “Chuchuligi”. Later two-seater models: Gilba (Papagali) and KB-11 “Fazan” - combat reconnaissance machine took part in the first phase of the Patriotic War and the first Bulgarian radios “Caproni” and bakelite products.

1942 year - 1945 year

Government Aircraft Factory. Training non-powered aircraft “Grenau Bebbi”, Voĭae (Lyastovichka) one-seated, Kranikh two-seated, Reyachi and training sliders.

1945 year - 1960 year

State business association – Factory 35 - Factory 13 Tractor for trench plants, appliances for furnishing dental offices. Milk centrifuges, equipment for the mining industry, pneumatic hammer, new model pneumatic motor, pneumatic haspel, coal conveyor. The first Bulgarian fast hammer PCH-75. Tractor rakes and chains for agricultural machinery and motorcycles. Sewing machines “Shipka”. Town of Kazanlak - “Center of Bulgarian Hydraulics”.

1961 year - 1990 year

Hydraulic devices, piston and plunger cylinders, chokes, filters, hydraulic lifters, brake cylinders, jacks, gear pumps Plesi, distributors under the license of Plesi, distributors Bosch, valves Bosch, distributors with electromagnetic and proportional control, servo valves and servo systems.

1991 year - 1997 year

"Caproni" sole proprietorship joint stock company.

  • Hydraulic gear pumps (1... 55 cm3);
  • Hydraulic distributors for plate mounting;
  • Flow and pressure regulators;
  • Mini hydraulic units;
  • Hydraulic stations.

1997 year

Caproni JSC. Transformation into Joint-Stock Company with private capital 99.87%.

Quality policy

The quality policy chosen by the management of Caproni JSC, Kazanlak, is aimed at the production of products, satisfying customer quality requirements, by imposing the principles for fulfilling the applicable requirements and continuous improvement of the quality management system. To achieve the set strategy, the management of the Company strives to improve:

  • Reliability of products;
  • The efficiency of the processes;
  • Competitiveness;
  • Correctness.

The management is convinced, that an essential factor in achieving quality policy, is the efficient operation and development of the “Quality Management System” in accordance with the requirements of Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

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CEO: L. Djankov


Since 1996, Caproni JSC has been certified according to ISO 9001 and has the latest ISO 9001:2015 certificate, which is valid until 23 May 2025. It also has an IATF 16949:2016 certificate valid until 19 August 2024.